At Somerville Sustainable Cleaning, we recognize that the nature of our business has the potential to negatively impact the environment. We also recognize our obligation to build better communities. Our company is built upon the following core values:

Social Responsibility

To be directly involved within the communities in which we work to provide a positive, constructive, and visible presence, by actions such as:

  • Supporting local charities.
  • Fostering relationships with vendors and manufacturers that are also socially and environmentally responsible.
  • Educating the general public on safer and more cost-effective janitorial procedures.

Economic Responsibility

We believe in the benefits of a strong, independent, local economy, and participate by:

  • Being a member of associations that promote strong local economies.
  • Maintaining and utilizing a local purchasing program as often as possible.
  • Educating employees on the benefits of a strong local economy.

Environmental Responsibility

To fully understand how our services affect indoor and outdoor environments, and to use this understanding to further develop a sustainable and realistic customer-oriented janitorial service operation. Here are some steps we have taken in our efforts to eliminate or minimize any negative impacts commonly associated with our industry:

  • Implementing only janitorial procedures that are Green Seal and/or LEED certifiable.
  • Using only Green Seal, EcoLogo, or EPA DfE certified chemicals/products.
  • Encouraging all of our customers to implement a recycling program.

Personnel Responsibility

Our personnel are our greatest assets. Once we've picked the right people, we treat them right, with:

  • Higher-than-average wages.
  • Paid vacation and sick time for everyone – including our part-time employees.
  • Employee educational programs.
  • Assistance with affordable day care.

As you can see, we do our best to keep our planet and communities safe and strong, and you can be a part of that commitment. Call us today at (617)547-0450 or fill out this short form and some one will be in touch shortly

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