Here at Somerville Sustainable Cleaning we understand and sympathize with many of the challenges facing the small business owner or manager: Rising overhead, diminishing margins, taxation, red tape and the list goes on and often cleaning your work space sneaks in your to do list, as if you did not have enough.

We also understand some of the limitations you may have, such as accessibility to the space itself, security concerns, limited to no store space for cleaning equipment/chemicals, lack of knowledge etc…With all of that in mind, we have developed adaptable cleaning programs to fit your needs and budget. SSC is ready to provide janitorial services from as little as once a month, every other week, to one or two or three time per week if needed. We will also provide services during you normal operating hours if you have a security concern, no questions asked.

Our trained technicians will also transport in and out all equipment and chemicals (as always, non toxic) for the work if needed. The service provided will be LEED certifiable, and performed with the same attention to detail and quality control as our biggest customer.

So go ahead, give us a call at (617)547-0450 or get in touch with us today, and find out just how easy and affordable it is do have one less item on your to do list. After all, our mission is to sustainably provide each and every customer with janitorial service excellence at the best possible value!

Join us in support for Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts‘ (SBN) 4th Annual Local Craft Brewfest at the John J Moakley Courthouse on the Boston waterfront.

Come taste, explore, socialize, and network with local craft brewers, distillers, cideries, meaderies, artisan beverage brewers, and food producers. While celebrating local brews, you can savor live music by local musicians and enjoy one of Boston’s finest harbor views.

The Brewfest will be held on Friday, November 22, 2013 from 6:00pm – 9:30pm. Local Craft Brewfest is affiliated with and is a major annual fundraiser for the Annual Boston Local Food Festival, considered New England’s largest one day Farmers Market and a celebration of local food.. The Local Craft Brewfest will showcase local craft brewers and highlight, celebrate, and promote – brewers, distilleries, cideries, meaderies, and artisan craft beverages produced in New England. The festival will take place inside of the Courthouse with the awesome view from Boston Harbor. More than 50 local tastings and local food bites will be featured. It’s a great opportunity to meet brewers, distillers, and local eateries that are as passionate about local food as you are!

What’s included with admission price?

+ A newly extended tasting period (6:00pm – 9:30pm)

+ Unlimited tastings from our participating brewers, craft brewers, distillers, cideries, meaderies, artisan beverage vendors

+ Limited food samples from participating local food vendors (bite size)

+ Live music and entertainment

+ Festival Guide with listing of all vendors

+ Compostable tasting cup

+ One of the finest views from Boston Harbor

+ Supporting the local food movement by raising much needed funds for the Boston Local Food Program

This is a 21+ event and all attendees must have a valid ID to enter the courthouse premises (no exceptions).

Get your tickets here, today!

The EPA recently announced a new Clean Power Plan (CPP) for the United States. The CPP aims at reducing carbon emissions and pollution caused by our country’s energy sources.

The end goal is a 30% reduction in emissions by 2030. The EPA says that coal and natural gas will continue to be the main energy sources.

But is this reduction feasible? According to Mark Jacobson, a civil engineer and founder of The Solutions Project, it is absolutely doable. The project demonstrates our ability to supply our nation’s energy needs using only wind, water, and solar energy.

In fact, his work shows that the change could be made today, using only currently existing technology and at a cost-savings benefit.

The Solutions Project assures Americans not only that this switch can be done, but also that it would save us money: tens of billions, in fact, from health savings alone.

Nine states, including our own Massachusetts, were recognized for their pre-CPP efforts in emissions reduction. Massachusetts has been a leader in clean energy, reducing its emissions by 16% since 1990.

So will Massachusetts be expected to make the same changes as other states?

Not quite. Massachusetts is being asked to reduce its emissions footprint by 38%, a change that this state, its officials, and its citizens are ready to make.

What This Means for the Economy

Companies like ours, as well as our partners at the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts, have shown that environmentally conscious business works out for everyone.

Sustainable resources have an obvious investment benefit: the less you have to spend in the long-run, and the less you have to worry about limited resources, the better off your investments will be.

As for the rest of us, renewable resources mean lower energy costs, giving us more money to spend on things like food and housing.

We’re especially excited about the health benefits of a cleaner nation. But that health benefit also leads yet again to a stronger economy: more healthy workers, with the money they saved from air-pollution related health costs, will reinvigorate our workforce and economy at a time when we need it most.

We look forward to these changes in our country. If you own a business that’s taking strides toward a healthier environment, or you want to learn how, join us at the next SBN Mass meeting.

The national economy is improving, but do you know how your local economy is doing? As it turns out, Boston is doing pretty well. In fact, Boston was featured on Forbes’ list of Best Places for Business and Careers. As a local business, we at Somerville Sustainable Cleaning would have to agree: Boston is a great place to work. The Boston economy is unusually well-suited to a business like ours because 17.55% of our population works in a service industry — more than 3% above the national average. But that doesn’t mean that we’re the only ones benefiting. We work with businesses in all kinds of industries, and that gives us a pretty good sense for how the Boston economy is doing overall. We think the Boston economy is growing — and for good reasons. Last year, we added over 22 new clients and hired 7 new cleaning technicians. Our neighbors and business partners have been doing well, too, so we’re pretty optimistic about the future. But how do the jobs look outside of Boston? The national economy has been improving, but unfortunately, a growing number of our jobs are freelance, contract, or part-time-without-benefits jobs, and 7.5 million of those workers would prefer full-time work. We take care of our team, and with higher-than-average wages and paid vacation for everyone, including our part-time professionals, we know our work helps the local economy. The stable jobs that we provide, while taking care of the environment, make spending a lot easier for our staff. Boston’s jobs and businesses are growing — at an impressive pace. From the East Boston waterfront to the South End, new condos, stores, and restaurants are being built for the first time in years. These developments are good news for our local economy. As more people start to work — and spend — throughout Boston, the economy will grow and strengthen. We’re excited to see that our neighbors are picking up the pace along with us. We hope your business is doing well, too. But you don’t need a fortune to work with us. Not only is our janitorial service sustainable and environmentally friendly, but it’s also very reasonably priced. If you’d like to keep your buildings as clean as possible while being socially responsible, contact us today.

The modern era has brought with it a ton of great innovations in every industry. But in the cleaning industry, innovation often means new and potentially toxic chemicals.

Currently, companies do not need to be open about the toxicity of the chemicals they sell. The EPA is limited on how they test most chemicals because companies argue that it is “proprietary information.” or the chemicals fall under 1976 TSCA grandfathering of 60,000 chemicals that can NOT be tested. This means that businesses may accidentally purchase toxic chemicals and sell them to consumers like you.

We’ve always focused on using safe and natural cleaning products, but now there’s a growing movement to create transparency in the chemical industry. Lawmakers have a choice to require EPA testing on all chemicals, and we hope you’ll show your support with us.

Why We Support the Movement

We’ve signed the petition to require testing on all chemicals, which would also allow the EPA to take dangerous chemicals off the market and protect consumers.

This reform in our laws would benefit two major groups: consumers and businesses. Many of us worry about the impact of legislation on businesses, but this law would actually help companies. Giving dangerous chemicals to consumers is a liability, so we deserve to know what’s in the products we sell.

Although Somerville always uses safe and natural chemicals, we want to protect everyone – not just our own customers. That’s why we firmly believe in this reform, and we know you do, too.

A Stronger Economy

Ensuring the health of the public is good for our economy as well.

Businesses can sell the right products without the fear of injuring or losing customers, and the public will benefit from being healthier, spending less on medical expenses, and taking fewer sick days off from work.

In the end, everyone benefits from this legislation. There is no reason not to take action, and we know this is the right choice for our country.

What You Can Do

If you own a business that supports this reform, you can sign the petition with us.

If you are a consumer, you can take part by signing this petition for the U.S. Congress.

Most importantly, you can help grow this movement by getting your friends and family involved. Share this post on Facebook and let people know that we can change things for the better.

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